How G. Douglas Wealth Management Assists Clients

How G. Douglas Wealth Management Assists Clients

G. Douglas Wealth Management* is a professional firm working with retirees, pre-retirees, Businesses and highly compensated employees to help preserve their financial assets and standard of living.

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Services Provided:

Legacy Planning: We show you how to help minimize your estate taxes, which may be paid by single people with estates over $12,920,000 and couples with estates over $25 million. Even if you have a living trust you may still pay estate taxes unless you take steps to minimize them.

Long Term Care protection or qualification for Medicaid: We act as independent advisors to find you the best coverage within your budget for long term care protection or alternative solutions.

Investment Management: Make the appropriate investment choices given your tolerance for risk.

Retirement Planning: Ways to invest and receive money out of IRAs, Rollovers and Pensions, Lifetime Income strategies & preservation of wealth.

Annuities and Insurance: To seek the highest returns, to shelter assets and defray taxes.


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